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If you want your kids to learn and improve their skills in Chess, then you can enrol them in online chess coaching for kids. Chess7 is one of the best platforms for your child to learn Chess with its step-by-step approach, a Grandmaster-designed curriculum and FIDE-rated trainers.

There is no set age to learn Chess. But the sooner they begin, the higher are their chances of learning the skills and making them big in the game. With Chess, they also learn maths, problem-solving, strategic, analytical, strategic, and many other skills.

Chess lessons have different prices on different platforms and for different types of learning they provide. At Kaabil Kids, you can opt for the best chess class in India for kids starting at Rs. 8400. The prices will vary depending on the stages and the number of training hours you opt for.

You can learn chess online by enrolling in the best chess course for beginners and learning & playing consistently. Chess7 kids is the perfect online chess course for beginners that focuses on making beginners be familiar with the game, making them play & compete regularly.

The right chess trainer will not just pave the way for your child’s chess skills but also help in developing other important life skills. Chess7 one of the best chess classes for kids, has a team of FIDE-rated trainers and an in-house psychologist to ensure the holistic development of your kids.

It doesn’t matter if you have the best chess coaching for kids, parents have to involve themselves equally to ensure the child grows their chess skills exponentially. After the class, parents have to ensure the child implements what they learn get practical experience and they finish all the tasks given by the trainers.

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